Sunday, October 6, 2013

Take What You Want, Make No Apology

In other news, after 7 years of failing to buy out this old man's farm so they can expand a military training base there, the Canadian government is just taking it away from him anyway. Apparently, it may be necessary to erode our citizens' right to their own home and sense of security in order to save them from those who would destroy our democracy from within. Hurrah! Oh wait... Let me try that again.  Ummm... hey! Just think about how many jobs will be created by expanding this base...!

Even though apparently this is all about National Security. Or jobs. Same diff, right?  Because otherwise what we just did might be wrong or even illegal. Hey, don't blame us, pal, this is THE NEW NORMAL, where words mean what we say they do. You can either swallow it or choke on it, the true north strong and free...

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