Saturday, August 17, 2013


I just want to make one thing clear: this may not be worth reading. Never blogged before, so the result could be messy.  I'm sure the first effort will be a meaningless scrawl, the fetid ramblings of an over-preening, self-styled voice in the wilderness, a new driver careening uncontrollably back and forth on the road to some dimly-remembered point. I'm only a decade behind in joining the Blog Brigade. It's a brave new Web 2.0 world out there, an era of I'm-just-making-a-sandwich Tweets, teen-angst Vlogs, and something called Tumblrrrrrrr, and I'm already late to the party... so now BLOG, baby, blog!

Some of you already know me as Greg, the co-creator of Xeno's Arrow. Maybe some of you even know me as the scriptwriter for Captain Lighthouse (...look it up! It's a thing), or as that guy who kept eating all the cookies (sorry). Anyway, I know I haven't made my presence felt in a while.  That's going to change now.  I've got some new projects I've been cooking up... some of which are not quite ready for public consumption yet, while others I hope to be launching or re-launching soon. So this will be a place to watch for news or sneak previews of all that. I also have the occasional urge to drip my snark on the news of the dayI imagine a blog is the place to put these things, much as a I imagine a Komodo Dragon could be a high-powered lawyer if I dressed it in roller skates and a bonnet. However, I have been wrong before. Exercise your judgements!

That is all for now.  That is all anyone needs to know.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the kitchen so I can tweet my peanut-butter and jam...

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  1. I thought I sensed something. A disturbance in the blogosphere, a presence I haven't felt since...
    [Turns abruptly, tries to stalk dramatically offstage, trips over cape.]
    Razza frazzit!